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Private/Public Rights

Jarbidge, Nevada

What constitutes a "traditional use", and what rights or privileges should be attached to public lands?

This tends to be the focus of legal battles over public lands, but there is a broader range of discussion on this topic than the narrow legal definition.

Ralph Smeed photo

Ralph Smeed
Libertarian activist

  • The public doesn't own it, the government owns it.
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Katie Fite photo

Katie Fite
Committee for Idaho's High Desert

  • Livestock grazing on public lands is a privilege.
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Helen Chenoweth-Hage photo

Cawley, Chenoweth-Hage exchange

  • Does the state protect, or create property rights?
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Laird Lucas photo

Laird Lucas

  • What about the responsibilities of ranchers? Shouldn't ranchers have to pay a fair market value?
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Mark Pollot photo

Mark Pollot

  • At what point do we say, "You have to share!"
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