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Owyhee segment 

Jarbidge segment 

Yellowstone segment 

  • Jon Catton, Communications Director, Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Bozeman
  • Patricia Dowd, Centennial resident and cross-country skier
  • Steve Duerr, Executive Director, Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce
  • John Keck, Director, Wyoming Department of Parks and Cultural Resources
  • Craig Koll, Snowmobile outfitter in Jackson
  • Pamela Lichtman, Program Director, Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance
  • Teri Manning, President Wyoming State Snowmobiling Association, Jackson
  • Susan Marsh, Recreation planner, Bridger-Teton National Forest, Jackson
  • John Sacklin, Chief Planner, Yellowstone National Park
  • Rick Spencer, business owner in Centennial

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