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Interactive Maps

Welcome to the FocusWest Interactive mapping section. With this powerful tool, you can easily access information on roads, public lands, lands used by Native American Tribes, water bodies, dams, precipitation, and several other features. When you've finished our brief tutorial below, you can return to the map site you came from:

  • Public lands
  • Water and water use

Using the Interactive Maps

When you start into the interactive map, you'll most likely want to zoom into a particular regions. Click on the "Zoom In" icon in the "Tools" section, and then move the curser and click to increase the scale of the map in the region you are interested in. To return to the full map, click on this icon under "Tools."

As you zoom in, or zoom out, different layers of information become available. Click on the "Legend" and note the many kinds of information you can view. By clicking to make a particular layer of information visible (and then clicking on "Refresh Map" at the bottom of the legend), you'll be able to create your own customzied map with the information you are interested in.

When you click to make a layer of information "active," data about a map feature is available. Let's say you want info about a city. There are several steps:

  1. Go to the Legend tab and make the "Cities" category "Active" (by clicking the checkbox). Then click "Refresh Map" at the bottom of the legend.
  2. Then go the the "Tools" tab and click the Info button
  3. Finally, go to the map and click on a city. That should bring up a table with info about the city--such as census data--to the screen. Click the X in the upper right corner to close the table window.

You can also change the colors or patterns of the legend, using the "Graphic Legend." Explore, and have fun!

The interactive map service is hosted by Inside Idaho, a project of the University of Idaho Library.


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