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The FocusWest Partners

A Collaboration of Public Media

FocusWest combines the talents of five western public television organizations and a regional online news service to address common issues, involve viewers and readers in discussions of these issues, and present new ways of participating in public affairs. Each partner contributes to the project, which reaches beyond individual markets.

Idaho Public Television

Idaho Public Television provides quality educational and cultural television; local programming and additional learning resources through statewide television (5 analog, 5 digital transmitters and 34 analog translators) and Web delivery systems available to Idaho homes and schools. Through learning opportunities, IdahoPTV fosters educational and civic outreach activities, integrated Web content and workshops for the benefit of local communities. The station system reaches more than 96 percent of Idaho’s population.

KNPB Channel 5/Reno

Channel 5 is a local educational and cultural institution in northern Nevada. To serve public interest, Channel 5 strives to enrich the lives of individuals and improve communities by focusing on the power of media to influence education, culture and citizenship. Channel 5 uses television as an educational tool for its viewers.

Wyoming Public Television

Wyoming Public Television is a non-commercial educational institution and cultural resource dedicated to enriching the lives of Wyoming people through telecommunications and other related services. WPTV is the only public television station in the state and reaches about 85 percent of Wyoming’s residents.

KUED/University of Utah (Salt Lake City)

KUED is a vital community resource, producing and broadcasting high quality, commercial-free programs and valuable community outreach projects that educate, enlighten and entertain. It provides services to the University of Utah and the Utah Education Network, including producing, broadcasting and delivering educational content throughout the state.

Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB)

OPB has served communities in Oregon and Southwest Washington for eight decades. Since its inception in 1922, OPB has grown significantly from its roots as a radio broadcaster on the campus of Oregon State University. Today OPB is a successful membership organization, a public broadcaster of radio and television, a content producer and distributor for television, radio and the web, as well as a statewide resource service for teachers and educators.

Headwaters News

Headwaters News is an online news service that summarizes the best stories in the Rockies each weekday morning. We synthesize and link to content from 40 to 50 online publications each day, from northern Alberta and British Columbia to southern Arizona and New Mexico, to give people who care about the region a snapshot of who we are and where we're headed.

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