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The Price of Power

Oil rig, Windmill, and powerplant control center

Our nation's energy needs are going to double in the next fifty years, and the rest of the country is looking to the West to supply much of that power. What trade-offs are we willing to make in our own backyard? "The Price of Power" explores this question and other energy issues with a panel of experts specially chosen for their knowledge and experience in the energy field. View the show [Windows Media format].

You can also view the separate elements that went into making the show. You can view thematic selections from our experts' in-studio discussion or view a complete transcript of their two-hour conversation. And you can look at the short video pieces prepared by FocusWest producers: Oregon's Ed Jahn takes a look at "green power" technologies like windmills; Wyoming's Geoff O'Gara examines the development of gas and coalbed methane and its effects on the environment; IdahoPTV explores the future (and past) of nuclear power with researchers from the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory.

"The Price of Power" aired regionally on Tuesday, November 25, during prime time. Videos of the program are available for purchase.

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