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Western Divide

Cattle grazing, Jarbidge NV, Yellostone snowmobiling

Almost two-thirds of Idaho, Nevada and Wyoming is owned by the public, much of it managed by the federal government. Some look at this federal land and see vast untapped wealth: lumber, gas, coal, minerals, and other raw materials. For others, this land is a blessing—their escape, their solitude, their reason for living here. For still others, the land is the very fabric of their culture.

We brought together a forum of leaders, experts, and interested citizens to discuss the use and management of the public lands in our region. Over the course of the two and a half hour session, the dialogue changed from predictable to insightful as the participants raised up alternative frameworks that often don't surface in the news coverage on this issue.

You can begin your exploration with a holistic view of the issues, or start with a more specific focus: grazing in the Owyhee, control and access in Jarbidge, motorized recreation in Yellowstone.

We followed up the original broadcast of "Western Divide" with in-depth looks at rural economic development and grazing in Idaho [Video].

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