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"Resettling the West: Mexicans in Wyoming"

Resettling the West is a documentary about Mexican immigrants in Wyoming. It was written and produced in May 2001 by Katharine Collins of Wyoming Public Television.

Drawing on taped interviews of dozens of Mexican immigrants in Jackson, Rock Springs, Green River, Evanston, Little America, Cheyenne, Torrington, and Powell, the documentary examines the lives of newly arrived immigrants -- their aspirations, their challenges, their efforts to hold on to their own language and culture while adapting to new ones.

As a FocusWest web exclusive, producer Collins has picked out some of the highlights from Resettling the West for us. You can read a transcript of each clip while viewing it in the RealPlayer.

Cody, WY
  • Cody rejects temporary workers
Story hour at the library
  • English-only in Torrington
Gumercindo Rojas
  • Gumercindo's story
Trini Lopez
  • Trini's story
Mirella Hernandez and Father
  • The Hernandez family
Family eating dinner
  • Jackson and its immigrant population
School children studying
  • Learning English
Border Patrol vehicle
  • 1996 INS raid in Jackson
Elementary school students
  • Educating children

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You will need the RealPlayer to view this video as well as the other clips on this page.

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