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Predators of the West

Wolf, mountain lion, and grizzly bear photo

The great predators of the frontier -- wolves, mountain lions, and grizzlies -- are still a part of our lives. For some, they belong in our hearts, to be protected and honored. For others, they belong in the cross-hairs. The Focuswest team explores the challenges and the future of these "Predators of the West."

We invited a diverse group of experts and activists to the IdahoPTV studio to explore the challenges these predators represent. Over the course of a two hour conversation, our guests grappled with issues such as the non-lethal control of predators [text] [video], habitat corridors for wildlife [text] [video], and the problems that ensue when predators and humans encroach on each others' space [text] [video].

Producers from three western states prepared video segments using our region's significant predators as lenses through which to explore these issues. Oregon producer Ed Jahn covers the wolf. Wyoming producer Geoff O'Gara reports on the grizzly bear. Utah producer John Howe tracks the mountain lion.

FocusWest partner Headwaters News has created a full-page "Perspective" on predator issues in the west. Montana writer Steven Hawley examines the prospect of a "predator-less" planet. Headwaters editor Greg Lakes offers an overview of wolf reintroduction in the region. And readers contribute their comments (including some from "Predators" participants Crosby Allen and Dean Miller). Accompanying these columns are links to recent news stories and "Backgrounder" sites (including Wolf Management Plans from Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming).

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