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September 2002

  • On September 5th, Idaho Public Television aired a special half-hour FocusWest presentation on Tribal Water Rights. View an archived stream of the show. Explore some precedent-setting tribal water rights court cases.

Past Spotlights

July 2002

  • LOS AMERICANOS, which examines issues surrounding the growing Hispanic population in the west, has completed its July airings. View the show via streaming media or read a transcript.
  • Dan Popkey of the Idaho Statesman visited the studio for the taping of our next FocusWest production, Read his report.

June 2002

  • "Thinking Like a river: From Knapsack Col to the Sea of Cortez." A two-day public conference hosted by Western Wyoming Community College, Rock Springs, WY, that will focus on the Green River and its place in the Colorado River Basin. June 28-29, 2002. A project of

May 2002

  • DRAINING THE WEST?, our second FocusWest production, aired twice on IdahoPTV and Wyoming Public Television.

  • Water and policy experts Jeff Fassett, David Getches, Lynn Tominaga, Wendy Wilson, Bill Loftus, and Howard Neibling discussed the issues at our on-line forum devoted to "Water in the West." View an archive of the discussion.

April 2002

  • WESTERN DIVIDE aired twice on Wyoming Public Television and Idaho Public Television.

February 2002

  • View an archived stream of the February 21 IdahoPTV DIALOGUE that offers a further look at the grazing issues explored in WESTERN DIVIDE.
  • Continue to participate in one of the on-line forums devoted to public lands issues at
  • Visit the website for the OUTDOOR IDAHO episode of "The Public's Land."
  • View an archived stream of the February 7 IdahoPTV DIALOGUE, where host Joan Cartan-Hansen and her guests discuss the hard work of rural economic development that happens outside the RURAL.COM spotlight.

December 2001

  • View the transcript of our live chat from the night of the WESTERN DIVIDE show.
  • Before there were "public lands": a Native American perspective on place and "making the world."
  • Where are the public lands in Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada? Interactive maps.
  • How did the so much western land become "public?" A brief history.

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